Orbital Easel

Orbital Easel

I ran across a link to this on my personal Facebook page and thought some of you might be interested.

The product is a lightweight portable easel that mounts to a table top, tilts 90 degrees and rotates 360 degrees.  No more having to detach your work from the table top, rotate and re-tape it.  Just turn the work surface.

The website says it can be set in one position securely enough so it won’t slip, but can be rotated on the fly without having to adjust the clamp.

Pretty neat, if it works as advertised.  Has anybody ever heard of this contraption or tried one out?

3 thoughts on “Orbital Easel

  1. I have heard of it from CP Magazine, Mick. I have not tried it or know anyone who has but i am definitely interested in trying one out. I rotate my images a lot while I’m working on them so it would be quite an advantage if it works like you described.

  2. Hello – I’m the technical advisor for the Orbital Easel, and it DOES work exactly as described – if it doesn’t, we promptly refund your purchase price! It is also an excellent product for those with handicaps, back-strain or fatigue from bending over or forward, since you can literally put your work surface at any angle – or at any height, and operate it entirely with one hand. We have a table-top base, but most people like the clamp-on base (which can also be mounted on a camera tripod). We have two standard sizes but can also make custom sizes. Fatigue, and that cup of water that spills all over your finished piece is a thing of the past – your art is up above your medium :) Satisfied customers in colored pencil include Gary Greene & Alyona Nicklesen. And yes, it’s weird at first! ~ Hilary R

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